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工业千兆位以太网 PHY 参考设计 适用于太阳能电池板应用的双路输出 SEPIC 转换器偏置电源参考设计 警报音发生器参考设计 适用于保护继电器处理器模块的高效电源架构参考设计
Marvell� Alaska� 88E1512 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) transceiver is a physical layer device containing a single Gigabit
Ethernet transceiver. The transceiver implements the Ethernet physical layer portion of the 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX,
and 10BASE-T standards. The device supports RGMII (Reduced pin count GMII for direct connection) to Copper/Fiber/
SGMII with Auto-Media Detect, RGMII to Copper, RGMII to SGMII/Fiber, and SGMII to Copper.
The device also integrates MDI interface termination resistors into the PHY. This resistor integration simplifies board
layout and reduces board cost by reducing the number of external components. The new Marvell calibrated resistor
scheme will achieve and exceed the accuracy requirements of the IEEE 802.3 return loss specifications.
The 88E1512 device has an integrated switching voltage regulator to generate all required voltages and can run off a
single 3.3V supply; the device supports 1.8V, 2.5V, and 3.3V LVCMOS I/O Standards. This device uses advanced mixed-
signal processing to perform equalization, echo and crosstalk cancellation, data recovery, and error correction at a gigabit
per second data rate. The 88E1512 achieves robust performance in noisy environments with very low power dissipation.
The Alaska family of transceiver products provides the ideal solution for rapid development and deployment of gigabit
standalone and switching systems for the Enterprise, embedded, consumer, and Metro/service provider market segments.
                                           SERDES/ Fiber       Media Types:
                                           - SGMII Optics     -1000BASE-X
10/100/1000 Mbps                 Integrated Passive         RJ-45       -SFP
    Ethernet MAC                   Termination